Remembrance Wall

Located on the eastern side of the Memorial along 102nd Avenue (Old Pacific Highway)

is a four foot high Remembrance Wall. On the court yard side of the wall is a

Granite Plaque with the Emblems of the various services centered amongst

Remembrance Bricks engraved with the names of veteran service members.

Before the wall was constructed those Remembrance Bricks were purchased

by donors, engraved off site, then put in place during construction.

Space on the remaining blank bricks can be purchased by donors for engraving to honor any veteran. Those Remembrance Bricks will be engraved, in place, in the future. Forms are available with information regarding the completion process on this website or at the Stanwood Area Historical Society Tollin House next to the Memorial.

The service member to be honored can be from any service,

from any area, for any time period.